The activity of the Institute is, to a great extent, reflected by “iTeach”, a pivot programme, in which the Institute has managed to attract and involve human and financial resources to develop a benchmark for the community of education system practitioners and specialists in the education systems of Romania and Moldova. This programme is relying on the platform, gathering nowadays over 18.000 teachers.

iTeach programme aims to increase the quality and efficiency of teaching, by providing theoretical support, by disseminating good practices and local experiences, by promoting the valuable solutions, systems and services for education. A number of online courses are as well available on the platform, developed by (or in partnership with) companies, NGOs, state institutions such as: Intel, TEHNE- Centre for Innovation in Education, Ministry of Education Romania- Institute of Educational Sciences, House of the Teaching Staff (Bacau county), University of Bucharest- Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences- Teacher Training Department.

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