The most prominent programme accompanies the area of teachers’ professional development. Teacher education is in the focus of the activity of the Department for Teacher Training (, which is actively contributing to (1) the design and implementation of the pre-service curriculum for student-teachers and (2) in-service training of teachers.
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The second department of the Institute for Education is trying to circumscribe the area of e-learning, identifying and promoting the pedagogical value behind the use of ICT for teaching and learning.
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The newest department of the Institute is focusing on Curriculum development, especially in STEM education.

Main activity

The activity of the Institute is, to a great extent, reflected by “iTeach”, a pivot programme, in which the Institute has managed to attract and involve human and financial resources to develop a benchmark for the community of education system practitioners and specialists in the education systems of Romania and Moldova. This programme is relying on the platform, gathering nowadays over 18.000 teachers.
iTeach programme aims to increase the quality and efficiency of teaching, by providing theoretical support, by disseminating good practices and local experiences, by promoting the valuable solutions, systems and services for education. A number of online courses are as well available on the platform, developed by (or in partnership with) companies, NGOs, state institutions such as: Intel, TEHNE- Centre for Innovation in Education, Ministry of Education Romania- Institute of Educational Sciences, House of the Teaching Staff (Bacau county), University of Bucharest- Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences- Teacher Training Department. More on

Examples of projects

Teamwork, Training and Technology Network (540029-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-COMENIUS-CNW)
The TTTNet project is supporting teachers in science and math subjects who should become promoters of innovative educational process by implementing new teaching methods based on the “learning by doing”, critical thinking, active learning – approaches which stimulate students’ activity in the classroom and their willingness for further learning as an effective strategy to producing multi-skilled workforce that supports Europe’s drive towards a competitive knowledge-based economy.

Student Competences as Outputs of Research-based Education (2017-1-ES01-KA201-038441)
SCORE project is aiming to help improve students' achievement and attitude towards STEM subjects, through (1) development of training modules in Sciences and Maths for lower secondary school students (12-15 years old) to be integrated in the school LMSs, (2) training teachers and (3) testing the STEM curriculum support materials by enrolling students and their teachers in the Score Academy.

Intel Teach programmes.
In 2010, iTeach platform was chosen by the Ministry of Education and Intel to host the online training of 60.000 Romanian teachers – ”Intel Teach Elements” programme and ”Intel Teach Advanced Online” programme.
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Monthly review for teachers: ”iTeach: Didactic Experiences”.
Since 2011, the Institute for Education has been constantly patronising a communication channel promoting classroom innovation. With more than 70 issues to date and more than 600 articles of around 450 authors, the publication is helping teachers to better define their activity, to design, develop and evaluate meaningful education situations.
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The Institute for Education is a non-governmental organization founded in Romania, in 2009. The Institute is aiming to promote quality and innovation in education and educational research, providing expertise, constant support and tools for education professionals – teachers, school managers, education researchers and decision makers.

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