The most prominent programme accompanies the area of teachers’ professional development. Teacher education is in the focus of the activity of the Department for Teacher Training (, which is actively contributing to (1) the design and implementation of the pre-service curriculum for student-teachers and (2) in-service training of teachers.
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The second department of the Institute for Education is trying to circumscribe the area of e-learning, identifying and promoting the pedagogical value behind the use of ICT for teaching and learning.
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The newest department of the Institute is focusing on curriculum development and evaluation.


the Institute’s specialists are working in various areas of education, from teacher training to curriculum evaluation, carrying out services and providing expertise for students, teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, decision makers, as well as for a number of institutions among which we can mention

  • Intel Corp. – Intel education programmes in Romania/ teacher training
  • Universitatea din București – Facultatea de Psihologie și Științele Educației
  • Universitatea Andrei Șaguna din Constanța
  • SNSPA – Facultatea de Științe Politice
  • Institutul de Științe ale Educației
  • Casa Corpului Didactic Grigore Tăbăcaru, Bacău
  • Casa Corpului Didactic Botoșani
  • Lecturers Without Borders
  • Save the Children International
  • IEA – The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement